A child’s imagination is a 100 times stronger than a screen

Our Story

We live in times when screens are indispensable. Children are also aware of this and spend too long every day staring at a screen that curbs their creativity. That is allowed, but our aim is to offer a healthy and instructive alternative. Switching to real toys promotes the imagination and learning curve from infant to pre-adolescent. Feel free to take a look at our range. Our durable and fun products provide hours of fun.
We have 4 children ourselves. At the moment of writing: Two teenagers, a toddler and a toddler. So quite a lot of toys have already been reviewed here. Mama Ellen has been a kindergarten teacher since 2006 and is deeply committed to the type of toys children play with. Of course, this must first be safe, but preferably also educational, so that the child learns through play and constantly discovers new skills. We also strive for ecologically responsible and sustainable toys as much as possible in our range.

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