sidewalk chalk

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Suitable from 3 years.
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When we came across this product, we first thought it was clay. Nothing special! But you can clay your own sidewalk chalk with this package.
Make a heart, a doll, your favorite animal, a tree, or just a stick mixed with various colors. Let it dry overnight or two and you can draw on the street, play games, make your hopscotch, or set out on a scavenger hunt.

Do you remember from the past, when you made a chalk drawing on the sidewalk with brick or roof tile pieces?
This clay gets about that hard. So it’s not chalk that turns into powder, but you can actually draw with it. Lasts a long time and it is of course a lot of fun to make your own crayons in the shapes you want.

10 packs of chalk in yellow, green, red, blue and white.

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